Mawinee aus Thailand 1999/2000

My life in Germany

At thirt of September I went to Germany. I was very exited and afraid about my new family. I thought I could have problems with them. Or maybe they could have problems with me. Will I find some friends? Am I able to contact people? So, you see, I have had lots of questions before my arrival, because it was the first time that I have had to adjust myself. A new language, a different stile of food, different weather and a total different culture were things that I have had to expect.

At the beginning I felt home-sick and sometimes I cried, because everything was changed. It was not the same like at home. For example: In Thailand, when I go home after school, I usually meet my friends and we are together the rest of the day. There is a very close contact between friends. Sometimes I have had some doubts, If it was the right decision to leave my beautiful and warm home-country Thailand. In the meanwhile I know that everything here is able to teach me a little bit, I have got lots of new experience. When I leave I will be not the same person as I have been when I arrived. I will have much more life-experience then I have had before. In Thailand I never thought about the money which I spend, but here, I have to think about it, before I buy something. I learnt to take care about the time. If I miss the bus in Thailand, I can take the next one five minutes later. But here, If I miss the bus, the next one will go maybe 1 or 2 hours later.

What is different?

1. People:

In Germany the people are very precise (exact) with the time. In Thailand it dosn´t matter, if you come late. 10 to 30 minutes is usual.
In Thailand, If I pass people who I know, I have to go in a bow way, If they are older than me. In Germany I just say „hello“.

2. School:

The German pupils are more busy than the Thailand pupils. In Thailand you have to earn the respect of the teacher. In Germany the teachers have to fight for the respect of the pupils.
In Thailand the school-day last 9 or 10 hours. In Germany it is usually 6 hours.

3. Food:

In Thailand we eat not as much bread as the Germans. We eat rise every day. Sometimes noodles and meet. The food in Thailand is more spicy.

4. Do´s and Don’t´s:

In Thailand it is not allowed to kiss in a public area. In Thailand it is not allowed to have a girlfriend/boyfriend before 15. The parents take a big influence.
In Thailand, younger people are not allowed to touch the head of older people. In Thailand it is not allowed to put socks and underwear together with other clothes into the washing-machine.


During my visit in Germany I have been in Weimar for two weeks. I have seen the Wartburg-Castle and I learnt a lot about German history.

The first time, I have seen snow. As I saw it first time, I thought it was a kind of wood ashes.

I enjoyed the Christmas celebration because I have got some presents. In Thailand we don´t get presents at religion celebrations. An now, I am looking forward to eastern.

In June, I will go to Italy with my host family.

General massage:

Now, I have been here for seven month and I am convinced, that it was the right decision to come to Germany. I am happy because I met a lot of new people and I touched a new culture which gave a big peace of life-experience to me. I am sure, I will enjoy the rest of my visit.